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Indiana Going Green Festival, March 15 and 16

CEES staff Robert Lugg, Elizabeth Johnson, and Austin Taylor, and GK-12 fellow Jess Adamic spent this past weekend working together with Indiana State Museum Going Green Festival attendees to understand how water, sediment, and pollution moves through our watersheds!

CEES staffers "went green" as well, using green food coloring partly to celebrate St. Patrick's Day weekend but mostly to demonstrate how human actions in our local watershed can affect the Upper White River Watershed and beyond!

Over 250 students and teachers, children and chaperones did a great job answering some tough questions, asking some thoughtful questions, and contributing some fantastic ideas as to how we all can continue to grow as citizens of our watersheds! Thank you to Indianapolis Power and Light for their sponsorship of the Going Green Festival and to Carrie Miller and the rest of the ISM team for all of their hard work organizing the event!


Photo credit Indiana State Museum

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