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FEH Phase 3

CEES is excited to announce the third phase of the Indiana Silver Jackets, Fluvial Erosion Hazard (FEH) Mitigation Program is underway.

Starkey Farms Update

CEES is starting the New Year in a big way! The edge of field (EOF) sampling infrastructure on the west side of School Branch was finished this afternoon. The east side should be finished by Friday. Instruments will be installed as soon as the infrastructure is complete. Our collective thanks to all the many agencies, groups, and individuals that have made this project possible.

Williams Creek at Marott Park and Nature Preserve

Williams Creek at Marott Park and Nature Preserve

The picture shows Williams Creek on November 24, 2014, after 1.8 - 3.0 inches of rain (the amount varied in the watershed) in less than 12 hours. The flow is just below bankfull, take a look at the still exposed point bar on the right side of the picture. This section of Williams Creek is another long-term CEES study site.

Fishback Creek

Fishback Creek at Starling Nature Sanctuary

We had the pleasure of resurveying a portion of Fishback Creek this week. A cross-section was surveyed and the bedload sediment was sampled as part of a field exercise in fluvial sediment transport being conducted by Dr Kathy Licht’s G334 SedStrat class. This is the 3rd time this reach of Fishback Creek has been assessed in the last 10 years.

School Branch

July was a busy month at the Center. Interest in the School Branch National Water Quality Initiative watershed continues to grow, and we were finalizing plans for instrumentation at the Starkey Farms Edge of Field sites, and working through the logistics of watershed sampling.


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