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Woodland Wildflowers at Ritchey Woods Natural Area and Nature Preserve

From late March to early May, Ritchey Woods (Location Map) offers a spectacular display of eastern woodland wildflowers.  Before canopy obscures the forest floor, Spring Beauties, Trout Lilies, and Dutchman’s Breeches (images below in naming order) can be observed throughout the spring transition.  Ritchey Woods Natural Area is also an excellent place to observe migrating birds returning or traveling through central Indiana.  The diversity of this natural area offers a unique variety of habitat ranging from upland prairies, depressional wetlands and sedge meadow complexes, fen wetlands, and a hardwood forest (Click Here For Ecosystem Map).  With over three miles of trail and many areas for observation, Ritchey Woods is a great place to see native flora and fauna within the Indianapolis metropolitan area.  Go take a look this spring and see for yourself!


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