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Service Learning: Holliday Park


Service learning on October 24th took place at Holliday Park on the north side of Indianapolis.  This project was done in conjunction with Don Miller, Land Stewardship Manager for Indy Parks.  It was an absolutely GORGEOUS fall day, and we had around 60 students assist with removing three invasive plant species: Amur honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii), Burning bush (Euonymus alata), and Jetbead (Rhodotypos scandens).  

Amur honeysuckle


Burning bush


In addition to invasive species removal, students also helped by seeding native plants to take their place, specifically Virginia wild rye (Elymus virginicus), a native, cool season, perennial bunchgrass which grows two to three feet in height.  Virginia wild rye prefers moist soil that is high in fertility and shady.  Holliday Park is the perfect place for this grass as it has streams running through it and is fairly shaded by the forest canopy.  Students then collected the seed of American beakgrain or beakgrass (Diarrhena americana) to be scattered later in the season.  Beakgrass is another plant species that can be utilized to promote native growth after invasive plant removal.


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