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Rivers of the Anthropocene

On January 23-25, 2014, CEES is co-sponsoring an international and interdisciplinary three-day workshop / symposium in Indianapolis, IN. Scientists will convene at IUPUI from across the United States and Europe as part of Phase I of this interdisciplinary research project.

Using two historically significant river systems, the Ohio and the Tyne, as case studies, the “big” questions the conference seeks to answer are primarily of two types — conceptual and methodological:

  • How do scholars from across the disciplines frame the problems of environmental change differently? In what ways does an international, comparative perspective alter their approach?
  • How do scholars from across the disciplines create an Earth Systems Science model(s) that accounts for both emergent environmental patterns and the agency of human individuals and societies?
  • In what ways do human systems have a palpable effect on earth systems, and what is the most useful way for humanists, social scientists, and scientists to address them?
  • In what ways does an international, interdisciplinary, and collaborative approach to international river systems create new answers and provoke new problems for environmental scholarship?

If you are interested in attending, please see our project website and reach out to

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