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Pleasant Run Update

The CEES team is preparing to survey new channel cross-sections for the Pleasant Run Stream Corridor Naturalization Project to monitor how the channel and floodplain are developing.  The record drought of 2012 played havoc with plans for vegetating the newly-formed floodplains at Pleasant Run Golf Course. Our goal as we excavated new  floodplains for the  channel was to to get them covered with erosion blanket and seed within 24-hours. The contractor did an excellent job and was usually installing the mat and seed as the excavation occurred. Unfortunately, there was almost no rain. We had some seed germination, and the contractor struggled to keep the plants watered, but we are concerned about survial rates. One of the first projects for the Naturalization team this Spring will be to determine how much of the seed and plantings from 2012 survived. IndyParks Land Stewardship is working with the contractor and INDOT to develop a monitoring and replanting plan for this Spring. One of the major problems that we struggle with in stream restoration is that so few projects produce published monitoring results. CEES hopes to help establish a tradition of publishing case studies of projects so that lessons are shared and evaluated. As always - please send us a note if you have any comments or questions. 

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