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National Association of State Boards of Geology IUPUI Tour

IUPUI 2011 Aerial over LiDAR DEM

On November 14 geologists from the National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG) visited Indianapolis to participate in a daylong field trip lead by Professional Geologist, Jim Nowacki.  The group consisted of faculty members from various universities around the country and they have been tasked with updating the Licensed Professional Geologists Examination.  In preparation for updating the examination ASBOG members have been visiting different locations to see what geoscientists are doing in other states.
After visiting the Harding Street Quarry and driving through former environmental remediation sites, Jim brought the field trip participants to CEES, and picked up Staff Scientist, Jeremy Webber.  Jeremy gave a mobile tour of the IUPUI campus highlighting the White River – Fall Creek Confluence.  He spoke about the different land uses in the Upper White River watershed with a focus on water quality impacts related to nutrient runoff and combined sewer overflows (CSO). 

Jeremy also spoke about the Indiana flood of 1913 and highlighted areas on campus where historic inundation margins would have been located before sections of levee were built along the White River as it flows through Indianapolis.  Following the mobile portion of the tour participants returned to CEES offices for a question and answer session.  Participants gave great feedback about the campus visit and appreciated learning about some of the water quality issues being addressed in Central Indiana.  We would like to thank the ASBOG members for visiting and Jim for allowing us an opportunity to showcase IUPUI.

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