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Great Backyard Bird Count 2019

Calling all Citizen Scientists who have a fondness for birds!

Bluebird (female) on a wire.  Photograph by V Schmalhofer.

President's Day weekend approaches, and that means it is time for the Great Backyard Bird Count.  This year, the dates for the GBBC are February 15-18.

The GBBC is a world-wide citizen science initiative that has been taking place for 20+ years.  Participants count birds and submit their data online using the eBird tool.  This allows birders to follow the event in real time to see when/where people submit checklists.

No previous birding experience is necessary.  Count birds on your own schedule: the amount of time you spend is up to you.  Watch for just a short time on one day, or watch for hours all four days, or anything in between!  Count birds in one location or count at multiple sites.  Short watch or long watch, one location or many - the data is valuable.

The GBBC is sponsored by the Cornell Lab of OrnithologyAudubon, and Bird Studies Canada.  More information about this citizen science project, and how to participate, can be found on the GBBC page.  Additional information useful for birders, such as bird identification guides and tips, can be found on Cornell's All ABout Birds page. 



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