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Fishback Creek

Fishback Creek at Starling Nature Sanctuary

We had the pleasure of resurveying a portion of Fishback Creek this week. A cross-section was surveyed and the bedload sediment was sampled as part of a field exercise in fluvial sediment transport being conducted by Dr Kathy Licht’s G334 SedStrat class. This is the 3rd time this reach of Fishback Creek has been assessed in the last 10 years. The assessments have been conducted by students from the G490/690 Streams course and now by G334 students.

Fishback Creek is part of a network of long-term monitoring sites that CEES started developing about 15 years ago. The initial goal for most of the sites was naturalization, but the long-term goal was to also use the sites to assess the effect of climate change and land-use change on water resources. The long-term goal was ambitious – to set up sites that could be monitored in perpetuity by CEES affiliated scientists and IUPUI students. To achieve that goal most of the sites were located in parks and nature preserves. Our colleagues at the Central Indiana Land Trust, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Nature Preserves, Fisher’s Parks and Recreation, IndyParks, and the Sycamore Land Trust, all provided critical support, and generously allowed CEES to install monitoring wells, piezometers, and other sampling infrastructure on their properties. While there are some slight variations, most of the sites are headwater systems, consisting of a wetland area and a 1st or 2nd order stream. At each site baseline data was collected; for most sites that included seasonal variations in depth to groundwater, and stream channel dimensions, pattern, and profile. If you would like to know more about these sites just send us a note.

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