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FEH Presentations

Our first scheduled FEH presentation this year is at the Ohio River Basin Alliance Spring 2013 Conference (March 26-27) in Louisville, KY. This is the FEH team's first appearance at this forum and we are pleased to be part of the conference. In 2012, the FEH Program Team did 28 presentations and 8 full-day workshops around Indiana. The strong response to those presentations has surprised even us. We knew the significance of the fluvial erosion hazard, but did not anticipate how eager the community is for new solutions. We have been using the comments received at our 2012 talks to help us plan this years presentation schedule.  In addition to the Ohio River Basin Alliance Conference, we are also scheduled to be part of a group presentation at the American Society of Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) 2013 Annual National Conference in Hartford, CT (June 9-14).  We will be joining colleagues from Vermont, New Hampshire, and Washington State, to discuss and present FEH initiatives from around the country. Please check back for more details on these presentations as the dates get closer. 

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