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Edge of Field Update


The edge of field project at Starkey Farm survived one of the wettest summers on record. During the months of June and July many samples were taken and brought back to the lab for analysis. Jacob and Danielle became very familiar with the site and were often visiting 4-5 times a week.  

The first numbers are starting to emerge. Samples have been filtered and the filters dried for sediment analysis. Water samples are then delivered to the lab of our principal invesitator, Dr. Pierre Jacinthe, where they will be analyzed for nutrient content. All results are being digitized and will later be combined with flow data taken at the site. Soil moisture, rainfall and weather data are also being collected.

More good news! We have conquered the mosquitoes in the field with the help of some amazing shirts made with insect repellant built right in! Since the large amounts of rainfall that helped to spawn them, things have dried up a bit and we are grateful.

The number of samples has also slowed as a consequence but we expect this to pick up again soon. Then we will deal with the expected challenge of collecting samples in ice and snow. 

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