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DSE Developing New Curriculum

Discovering the Science of the Environment staff are currently developing program extension kits that follow from DSE programs Ecosystem Investigation and Chemical Water Quality Assessment. The kit development and materials are funded by a Dow Promise grant, from Dow AgroSciences. Each kit will include five program extension activities that will assist teachers with incorporating outdoor learning experiences had with the Mobile Technology Trailer Programs into the classroom. Some activities will be able to be used without classrooms requiring the Trailer program experience to ensure wider access.

Activities in each extension kit will integrate STEM content into the following subject areas: mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, and technology. Each activity will feature a lesson plan including objectives, all program materials needed, STEM standards, facilitation instructions and an assessment rubric for use with up to 180 students. Current activities range from using a map of Indiana's Ecoregions to learn more about land use past and present to using DSE lab equipment to quantitatively measure soil texture. We will be excited to see to what heights central Indiana teachers and students take these activities next fall!

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