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CEES Wishes Congratulations to Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson, previous Education Outreach Coordinator for CEES, is taking on a new endeavor.  Elizabeth has accepted to be a Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellow through the University of Indianapolis!  Congratulations to Elizabeth!

Elizabeth began her career at CEES as the Garden Coordinator in early 2013.  This position was perfect for her as it was in direct alignment with her educational and personal interests of environmental science and sustainable agriculture.   

In spring 2014, after Elizabeth had transferred to the Education Outreach Coordinator, she started working with the CEES Discovering the Science of the Environment program.  In 2014, Elizabeth did some great work with the Felege Hiywot Center in teaching the participating youth about urban farms as ecosystems along with some lessons on soil chemistry and biology.  Throughout Ms. Johnson’s time as the Education Outreach Coordinator, she also facilitated in school science labs and after school clubs that tied science back to the schools’ gardens.  One of the school’s Elizabeth has done an incredible job with through her undertakings is the Paramount School of ExcellenceRead here for one particular DSE event.

Elizabeth found a true connection with doing science education and teaching.  Elizabeth “discovered this was a way to have a positive impact” and wanted to continue along this route for her career tract.  Thus, she applied for the Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship, and was accepted.  The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship is rigorous, and with Elizabeth’s drive and creativity – she is a wonderful fit!  She will be obtaining both a teacher certification in chemistry and a M.A. in Teaching.  Her first year will be spent at Decatur Middle School along with coursework through U of I.  Afterwards, Elizabeth will commit herself for 3 years to a high-need school in Indiana.  Elizabeth will be supported along her journey by numerous mentors and cohorts. 

IUPUI is also a partner university with the Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship.  The certification areas offered through IUPUI are: Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space Science, Mathematics, Physics,Technology, and Dual Certification in Special Education.  For more information pertaining to IUPUI’s Teaching Fellowship, please contact program director Dr. Kathleen Marrs.

Elizabeth will be missed and we at CEES wish her incredible success!

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