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CEES Internal Board Reconvenes

CEES is pleased to announce the internal advisory board, made up of IUPUI faculty, has reconvened after a hiatus.  The board is constructed of nine members: Director of the Center for Earth and Environmental Science (standing member), 1 member from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, 1 Associate Dean from the IUPUI School of Science, 2 members from the Department of Earth Sciences, 2 members from the IUPUI School of Science, and 2 members from other schools within the university.  

The internal board's main task is to establish the mission of CEES and work towards accomplishing it. Because the internal board has diverse representation from departments and schools across campus, an added benefit is the creation of stronger academic relationships and increased potential for collaboration within the university.  

This year, the board's goals include providing insightful commentary on the status of CEES's five-year review, establishing an external board comprised of community members, and ensuring the mission of CEES is in alignment with its current goals.  We sincerely appreciate the time and effort our board members invest in this process, and we're looking forward to implementing the mission of CEES in impactful ways across Indianapolis.

Dr. Daniel Johnson joined us for his last meeting as a board member. Dan has become increasingly involved in CEES projects and will continue to help us in our mission as an active faculty affiliate.  We thank Dan for his board service.

Faculty Board Members:

  • Dr. David Skalnik (Board Chair) - Professor of Biology and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education
  • Dr. Bill Blomquist - Professor of Political Science and Dean of the School of Liberal Arts
  • Dr. Pierre-André Jacinthe - Associate Professor of Earth Sciences
  • Dr. Lin Li - Associate Professor of Earth Sciences
  • Dr. Kathy Marrs - Associate Professor of Biology and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Pamela Martin (Standing member) - Associate Professor of Earth Sciences and Director of the Center for Earth and Environmental Science (CEES)
  • Dr. Phil Scarpino - Professor of History and Director of the Graduate Program in Public History
  • Dr. Xianxhong Wang - Associate Professor of Biology


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