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CEES Intern Blog: Hello from Keri

Hello! My name is Keri Ward and I am a new CEES Service Learning Intern.  I am currently a sophomore, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a minor in Geology with IUPUI.  I also work as an administrative assistant with United Water, and I am learning valuable information about the wastewater system, treatment, and industrial compliance.  In my studies, I am always excited to learn more about the environment and how environmental concerns impact our everyday lives now, and in the future.  Outside of school, my interests include volunteering, cooking, music, and ballroom dance. 

Since learning of the CEES program, I have been interested in becoming involved with the program and the amazing work that CEES does for the state of Indiana.  I am interested in finding new ways to be more active in environmental affairs, and I am grateful for any opportunity to have a positive impact in Indiana.  As a student at IUPUI, I have had the opportunity to participate with CEES at the Holliday Park project.  I loved this experience so much that I decided to do it twice!  I learned a lot while participating at Holliday Park, such as the importance of monitoring the balance of native plants versus non-native, invasive plant species.  I now understand how much work is needed to help control the natural environment of a specific area, as well as how much of a negative impact invasive species can have. 

I am anxious to begin working as a CEES Intern to learn as much as I can and have fun while doing so.  Environmental projects give purpose to my every-day life and restore my faith and passion in the environmental industry.  I am hoping to find lifelong partnerships and friendships through my work with CEES, and better understand exactly which path I will take to help improve the state of the environment worldwide. 

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