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CEES iMovie Presentation

For the past two weeks, fellow intern Keri and I have been creating an online viewable version of the classroom-based CEES Presentation through the use of iMovie. After many hours of learning to work iMovie (neither of us are MAC people) we created a work of informational art! The CEES Presentation is another form of communication between CEES staff and students to spread the word about the importance of service learning. While not all instructors take advantage of the service learning opportunities that CEES provides, those that do create the invaluable connection between material through an out of classroom experience.  This presentation is intended to expand our potential audience to include students enrolled in online courses.  You can view the video we created below.

For the spring of 2015, CEES has added new community partners and new projects available to students for service learning. New this year are two projects at Marian University’s Nina Mason Pulliam Ecolab; students will be pulling garlic mustard and helping to restore the trails found around this beautiful restored wetland. Other projects will take place at Spades Park, once home to infamous bank robber John Dillinger, and Sodalis Nature Park, home to the endangered Indiana bat Myotis sodalis.  

Another opportunity to be on the lookout for is the G199 Service Learning in Geology, a 1 credit hour course taught by Dr. Pam Martin and co-led by CEES Staff, that requires students to participate in 5 service learning projects of their choice and write a 3-5 page end of semester paper. This course fulfills the “S” in the RISE achievement that is encouraged by IUPUI. For information on CEES opportunities, service learning activities, and G199 enrollment contact:

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