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Bug Fest 2015

Jacob teaching

Bug Fest 2015 was a huge success! Everyone had a great time and came away with a better understanding of bats and their role in the ecosystem. We need bats to eat the bugs!

Sunday at Southeastway Park, combined with Indiana State University, our booth was called "Bats and Bugs." Kids were able to try on a pair of bat wings and change the sound of their voice to imitate the way bats disguise their voices to prey. Students were able to decorate their own bats and attach them to clothespins at the craft table.

At the main table, kids of all ages enjoyed the educational displays put together by Jan Lesniak. Jan put together an incredible backdrop of bat facts and most everyone learned at least one thing they did not know before stopping by. We also had some plush bats toys and puppets thanks to the loan from GENI, so the comparative sizes of the bats were represented. Rounding off our booth as students were getting their cards signed for their ‘honorary degree in bugology’, they were able to get bat stamps and show off what they learned to others.

Next door, ISU was a show stopper with cornhole games painted with giant bats and kids had a blast throwing "insects" into waiting mouths. They also came equipped with real bat specimens (mounted) that were definitely a crowd favorite. Together, we were able to pass on a great deal of bat information and literature to the Indianapolis community. We hope you join in the fun next year!



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