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The 2017 Wild Pollinator Count Takes Place July 17-23

Summer Opportunity for Citizen Scientists! 

The buzz is all about bees - and other insects, too!

Do you enjoy watching insects? Are you concerned about declines in the numbers of insect pollinators? Did you ever want to be a scientist who studied insects (aka an entomologist)? If so, this event may be for you! Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) is sponsoring the 2017 Indianapolis Wild Pollinator Count. The week-long event takes place July 17-23. Entomologists both young and old, and of all skill levels are welcome. See the KIB web site for more details. 


Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is a nectar-rich plant favored by many pollinators. Caterpillars of the (potentially) endangered Monarch butterfly feed on the leaves.

Photograph by VR Schmalhofer

vrschmalhofer's picture