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Opportunities at CEES

Accepting applications for Fall 2015

The Center for Earth and Environmental Science at IUPUI is looking for two IUPUI students interested in a mentorship in service learning. These positions are funded through a grant from the Center for Service and Learning. Students will work an average of 10 hours per week. Service learning assistants will work alongside an environmental science graduate from IUPUI, CEES staff and a community partner delivering science education in a variety of community parks and gardens. Service learning assistants will also assist with research and report writing associated with the service learning program as well as other field and laboratory research at CEES.  

Candidates must be willing to engage in outdoor work, laboratory work and administrative tasks related to the service learning program. Before a candidate can be offered a position they must submit to a background check provided by the university and meet the university’s requirements for programs that involve contact with children. Service learning projects take place primarily on Fridays and Saturdays and occasionally on Sundays in Spring and Fall while weather permits. Service learning assistants must be available to attend these events. Service learning assistants will receive a stipend in the amount of $1500/semester. To apply: Please send resume and letter of interest to


Accepting applications for Fall 2015


The Center for Earth and Environmental Science at IUPUI is looking for multiple IUPUI students interested in K-8th grade education to work 2-15 hours per week. (The number of students that will be hired depend on hours of availability of interns on the team).  Interns will work alongside an environmental science graduate from IUPUI and a community partner delivering science and math programming in urban Indianapolis Public Schools.  Fall programming will focus on 3rd-5th grade education in a formal school setting.  Additionally, our Discovering the Science of the Environment mobile technolgy trialer will be deployed to enhance students' science learning experience at both IPS and township schools, for 4th-9th grades.  The type of programming an intern will be involved with depends on their avialability.

We are looking for students with either (1) an interest in education,  and either a knowledge of science or an interest in learning more science; OR, (2) a background in science with an interest in or enthusiasm for education.  Because interns will work alongside staff trained in environmental sciences, applicants do not need to have a science background but will need to learn the lesson each week.  The programming focuses on using plants and the environment, outdoor learning spaces, and inquiry based methods to teach STEM content (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  

The working environment demands patience as well as an ability to handle last-minute changes in activities based on children's abilities and interest, available resources, and weather. Applicants must have willingness to work outdoors as well as indoors, and consistency in attendance at assigned shifts is important.  Applicants who bring a knowledge or interest in teaching methods are encouraged to apply.

Before being offered a position, applicant must pass a full background check (paid for and submitted by IUPUI) to qualify for the position, in accordance with IUPUI's policy for working with children and IPS policy. The work primarily takes place OFF of the IUPUI campus.  While there may be options to carpool with your workmate, official transportation to the schools from the IUPUI campus is not provided. (IF you do not have transportation, you are still encouraged to apply but please note that this may impact your ability to accept the position depending on your availability and staff schedules. Schools are near IndyGO bus lines).

Hours are NOT flexible but applicants can apply for as little as a single time slot; there are no maximum number of shifts.  Please note in your application the minimum number of hours you would be willing to accept and for which slots you are available. We are looking for interns to fill the time slots below:

To apply:

Please email expressing your interest, a resume, and the form downloaded from 


to Please note if you will need transportation; note that they may limit whether we can offer you some shifts.

Applications for Fall 2014 accepted until positions filled.  Applications will be reviewed as received.  Work will begin after background check is completed.


CEES Volunteer Photographer and Videographer Pool
Ongoing search

The Center for Earth and Environmental Science is seeking a pool of volunteer photographers to assist CEES with documenting their outreach, research, and educational activities, as well the urban and natural environment of central Indiana. Photographers would work as needed and must have their own digital photography equipment.


  • Opportunity to build professional portfolio
  • Credited photos will be featured on CEES’ website, newsletter and Facebook
  • Work with and learn from CEES researchers and educators as they conduct water quality experiments, teach school children, and restore ecosystems

Please send resume, a brief (500 words or less) statement of interest, and a link to a professional portfolio (or arrange to provide sample copies) to Elizabeth Johnson at with “CEES Photographer Pool Application” in the subject line. - Posted 5 Fe 2013


Opportunities with our affiliates:

CLOSED Summer undergraduate research scholar

"Rivers of the Anthropocene - Stage 1: A Comparative Study of the Ohio River and Tyne River Systems Since 1750" is a MURI-funded research project for Summer 2013. We are seeking undergraduate research scholars with the following majors/background: Geography, History, Philosophy, Anthropology, Earth and Environmental Science.   Geography students will be expected to have basic GIS skills, but they will also be trained during the process.  History, Anthropology, and Philosophy students should have basic research skills and be able to compile data using historical sources. Earth and environmental science students will be considered for various roles depending on skills.

  • Primary Mentor: Owen Dwyer, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, School of Liberal Arts,
  • Co-mentor: Phil Scarpino, Professor, Department of History, School of Liberal Arts,
  • Co-mentor: Jason M. Kelly, Director of IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute and Associate Professor, Department of History, School of Liberal Arts,

Students will work full time for 9 weeks and receive a $3000 stipend.  Details of the project are below.  Students can apply to participate in the project at