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Professional Development Institute


Professional Development Institute: July 14th -18th, 2014 Upated details and application coming soon.

The Discovering the Science of the Environment institute is a week-long summer institute that focuses on learning science and mathematics through inquiry and using outdoor learning spaces. The institute incorporates curriculum and training from the nationally recognized Earth Partnership for Schools program, technology enhancements, and curriculum and training from Project WET (Water Education for Teachers). All curriculum materials have been aligned to address Indiana State Academic Standards for Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies and customized for Indiana natural areas.

The institute assists teachers in the establishment, maintenance, and use of outdoor laboratories on school sites and provide several practical examples and tools that teachers can incorporate into their environmental science education. This workshop is appropriate for schools that have existing outdoor labs / school ground natural areas or for those who would like to develop outdoor learning programs.

The Summer 2014 workshop will be led by Dr. Brian Plankis (inquiry based science and environmental education specialist) and Dr. Craig Willey (math education specialist) with assistance from Dr. Pamela Martin (environmental scientist) and CEES education outreach staff.  IUPUI Center for Earth and Environmental Science ("CEES") staff provide support through the school year to assist schools with outdoor laboratory experiences and curriculum development.

The next institute is tenatively scheduled for July 14th -18th, 2014.  Please contact if you would like to be involved.