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Mobile Technology Trailer Programs

Mobile Technology Trailer Programs

October - November and April - June
Students Grades 4-9, Environmental Science, and Bio AP


Overview: Utilizing a mobile resource trailer equipped with interactive technology tools, web interface, and GIS mapping capabilities, the DSE program travels to your school to provide FREE educational programming at school ground natural areas. All programs are aligned to Indiana State Standards in science and mathematics and Excellence in Environmental Education - Guidelines for Learning (Pre K - 12), feature hands-on, outdoor scientific investigations and can be individually tailored to suit your surrounding local environment, science and technology education needs, student and teacher knowledge base, and time.

For each available format, the program is conducted within the following time considerations:
1-day format: Day One: 2.5 - 3 hour period.
2-day format: Day One: Traditional class period. Day Two: Double class period.
3-day format: Day One, Two, Three: Traditional class periods each day.

Target Audience: 4th-9th grade students and teachers in Marion, Boone, Hamilton, Madison, Hancock, Shelby, Johnson, Morgan, and Hendricks Counties.

Program Availability: The Mobile Technology Trailer Program is temporarily on hiatus until the Spring 2015 Programming Season.

Programs in Development: DSE staff are currently developing program extension kits that follow from DSE programs Ecosystem Investigation and Chemical Water Quality Assessment. Each kit will include five program extension activities that will assist teachers with incorporating outdoor learning experiences had with the Mobile Technology Trailer Programs into the classroom. Some activities will be able to be used by classrooms without the Trailer program experience. The activities in each kit will address the following STEM subjects: mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, and technology. Each activity will feature a lesson plan including objectives, all program materials needed, STEM standards, facilitation instructions and an assessment rubric for use with up to 180 students.

Mobile Technology Programs

Water Quality Studies Prairie Research
Physical Assessment of Stream Water Quality Prairie Soil Study & Prairie Soil Study 2
Biological Assessment of Stream Water Quality Prairie Ecosystem Investigation
Groundwater Analysis Plant Biodiversity and Photosynthesis
Algal Bloom Investigation Prairie Bird Observations
  Plant Health and Nutrient Evaluation
Wetland Exploration Woodland Investigation
Wetland Soil Study & Wetland Soil Study 2 Woodland Soil Study & Woodland Soil Study 2
Wetland Ecosystem Investigation Woodland Ecosystem Investigation

Wetland Water Quality (Chemical Assessment)

Tree Monitoring & 

Tree Monitoring 2

Wetland Water Quality (Biological Assessment) Woodland Bird Observations

Sustainable Energy Analysis

Soil Biology and Respiration

Urban Studies
Air Quality Assessment
Global and Local Albedo



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